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The company was founded in 2012, specialising in political marketing and crisis communication. This was followed by work for a successful presidential candidate, a party that successfully returned to the Chamber of Deputies, and a rebel ODS member of parliament. This was an interesting experience, but we mostly wanted to help companies. In crisis communication, we had clients such as the unfairly accused clothing company Blažek, Czech software house OKsystem, and Kámen Zbraslav, who is facing a state lawsuit due to the collapse of the D8 highway. We have been protecting great Czech companies against unfair attacks by competitors and the state.

We didn't just want to protect our clients, we also wanted to help them acquire new customers and develop their business. This is why we established what was first a small team that continues to grow for content marketing. We want to help our clients succeed, and we're doing everything we can to make this happen. Tools are changing much like the media marketing market. Traditional media were replaced by digital media, in which we feel right at home. We have to keep learning to be able to help our clients. That is part of our corporate culture.

We approach each client individually. We listen to them, find out what their goals are and what they expect from our cooperation. After a market analysis, we suggest the necessary steps that will help them achieve their goals and move their brand in the direction they want. Our clients value our honesty; we're not afraid to say what we think. We don't pretent to be something we're not, and we report campaign results in an easy-to-understand manner.

Our team

This is us. A team of people that compliment each other and that will help you achieve your goals.



The founder of Pen&Production, who has extensive experience in political marketing and the president's office. He is the best in his field, namely crisis communication. He will always be frank with you and will try to build a relationship based on long-term partnership.


Art Director

Tomáš is an artist who can transfer his talent to a canvas as well as your logo, website or video. His work pleases both the emotional and rational parts of your brain.



Copywriter / Social Media Manager

Simča is in charge of our clients' social media. She can create interesting posts about luxury cosmetics, as well as excavators and dumpers. She is also very skilled in all the creative activities she undertakes.


Operations Manager

Lůca manages processes within the company, making sure everything is working as it should. It will be a pleasure for you to deal with her; she will make sure no invoices or payments are delayed, and if you happen to be in arrears with your payment to us, she will remind you kindly with a smile.



Copywriter / Social Media Manager

Anežka can get your message into spoken and written form, making sure it matches the tone of the client's communication. Creating imaginative posts on social media is a piece of cake for her, and her many years of experience in radio presenting help her create great podcast newsletters.


Account Manager

Terka is the cornerstone of communication with the client. Her positive energy flows through our offices, and it will reach you too. She is always well organized, she never forgets anything, and she handles all suggestions and requests with a smile.



Graphic Artist

Dan has been a graphic artist for over ten years; he can create a logo and its intro animation, flyers, posters, banners, corporate graphics and much more for you. He and our chief graphic artist form a great duo, perfectly complementing each other.

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'With P&P media, we were able to increase the credibility of our products and reach a new target group that we were previously unable to reach.'

Ivan Rybjanský, Somavedic

'Pen&Production created a new brand for us that accurately describes our institute and corresponds with our vision.'

JUDr. Zdeněk Prázdný, Český královský institut

'Our virtual training tool helps hockey players and goalies develop their skills. Pen&Production graphically modified this application to make it is easy for the user to control. Great job!'

Bob Tetiva, Founder and CEO, Sence Arena

'Pen&Production combined our three websites to make one clear one, where we can offer special cosmetic products for ordinary customers as well as products and online training for beauticians in a separate section.'

Hana Olscher, ByFemme